Discovering hidden Prague

Discovering hidden Prague

We are making a documentary film about sights in Prague that fewer people know about. There is a lot of dark tourism in the world and its followers aren’t interested in just visiting The Louvre, London Bridge or whatever. They want to find unusual destinations that you don’t find in most travel documentaries. We want to offer this experience for those people, and for ”normal” people, too.

It would be great to hear YOUR opinion about what we should include in the documentary? And if you work in the location that should be in the film, could we come to film your place and you would organize somebody to show us round the place and talk about it on the film? The Film language is English, but the Doc could also be spoken in Czech with English subtitles. However our production team doesn’t understand Czech, so English would be better, as we may ask further questions.

Filming will be throughout June 2021. The Documentary can be aired on multiple TV channels, streaming services etc.

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