Hello storywriter!

Hello storywriter!

Do you have a script on your desk waiting for someone to make a film out of? This might be your chance. We want to film 2 feature films in the near future, one written by our team and another written by somebody else. However, we cannot promise money until the film sells well, as we are very low budget production company. If your story has some dark atmosphere in a genre like horror, thriller, somehow sick, psychological, sci-fi, dystopia, etc, it would suit our production. Even comedy will work, as long as it is black 🙂 We definitely don’t make cute romantic love stories (unless most of the characters die, or turn into zombies or something).

Capacity film

If you are interested, DM us your synopsis (not the whole script yet as we are lazy readers, or just too busy). Tell us, too, if your story has to take place in a certain location or if it can take place anywhere. We are located in Finland, but we have some connections to various other locations where we can travel to make a film.

And, as we are low budget team, don’t send us a story if it requires an army of 1,000 men with expensive clothing, weapons, helicopters, ferries, tanks etc. We would be glad to make a massive film, but it would just not be possible to make it look good with our minimal budget. However, we are able to do a lot of tricks with a computer, we can film in a green screen studio, and rent a cottage in some scary forest, etc.

Capacity film

You can watch some earlier short films we have produced: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbA1D4ItxIJW3f3aEdNkPzCtHXjZ3-Xg6 (remember to subscribe to our channel)

PS. If you are not a writer, but would like to join our cast or crew, you may contact us.

20% discount to celebrate Winter solstice

Use code “X21” and get 20% discount shopwide! Code valid until the end of this year (East-European time zone). Now, exactly now on this minute, it is Winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year in Northern hemisphere. In Helsinki lenght of the day is 5 hours 49 minutes, read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_solstice.

Post-production of CAPACITY started!

We are proud to say that post-production of CAPACITY has officially started!

However we have several scenes to be shot still.

We will show you few photos now and add more later (on Twitter and Instagram there’s more already).

There’s also few short video clips available on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhsHeJAdUAo&list=PLbA1D4ItxIJXFAc9mQ-cTckm0zJ3S2GCb, more to come approx. every week. These are not yet color graded nor sound mixed.