We are looking for interviewees

We are looking for interviewees

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Olemme tekemässä dokumenttia rasismista Suomessa ja etsimme haastateltavia. Tavoitteenamme on tuoda vähemmistönäkökulmia rasismikeskusteluun, ja luoda inhimillisempää keskustelua aiheesta. Etsimme mukaan kaikenikäisiä ja -taustaisia. Dokumentin kesto tulee olemaan alle puolituntia. Levityskanavina TV, internet sekä mahdollisesti muut myöhemmin päätettävät kanavat. Haastattelut voidaan toteuttaa suomeksi ja englanniksi.

Jos koet, että sinulla on kerrottavaa aiheesta Suomen kansalle, niin lähetä itsestäsi vapaamuotoinen esittely osoitteeseen dokkari2021@gmail.com. Dokumenttiin osallistuvien henkilöiden valinta suoritetaan kesäkuussa 2021, ja kuvaukset elo-syyskuussa 2021. Valituille lähetetään haastattelukysymykset ja lisäohjeet sähköpostitse.

We are making a documentary about racism in Finland, and we’re looking for interviewees. We aim to bring minority perspectives into the racism debate and show a more humane discussion on the subject. We are looking for people of all ages and backgrounds. The duration of the document will be less than half an hour. The distribution channels are TV, the Internet and other distribution channels that we’ll decide on later. Interviews are viable to have in Finnish and English.

If you feel that you have something to say to the people of Finland, send a free-form presentation about yourself to dokkari2021@gmail.com. The selection of individuals to participate in the documentary will be in June 2021 and the shooting in August-September 2021. Interview questions and additional instructions will be emailed to the selected.

Discovering hidden Prague

Discovering hidden Prague

We are making a documentary film about sights in Prague that fewer people know about. There is a lot of dark tourism in the world and its followers aren’t interested in just visiting The Louvre, London Bridge or whatever. They want to find unusual destinations that you don’t find in most travel documentaries. We want to offer this experience for those people, and for ”normal” people, too.

It would be great to hear YOUR opinion about what we should include in the documentary? And if you work in the location that should be in the film, could we come to film your place and you would organize somebody to show us round the place and talk about it on the film? The Film language is English, but the Doc could also be spoken in Czech with English subtitles. However our production team doesn’t understand Czech, so English would be better, as we may ask further questions.

Filming will be throughout June 2021. The Documentary can be aired on multiple TV channels, streaming services etc.

Please like and comment on our social media channels or if you would prefer to send a private message, do it. Feel free to post this on your social media feeds … share the word!

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“In the Drains of the Mind” chosen to be finalist in 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

“In the Drains of the Mind” chosen to be a finalist in 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

We are looking for cast and crew for an upcoming action film!

We are looking for cast and crew for an upcoming action film!

Interested in making a movie?

We have the opportunity for hobbyists to take things to the next level and work on a bigger project! We’re a new underground production company making a fast-moving and exciting full-length action movie – but without a Hollywood-level budget! Although we can’t offer much in the way of financial reward, anyone involved in a major role will have the option of a percentage of potential returns. While no one will get rich, this is a great opportunity to get your name known and advance your career. Even though we already have our main production team in place, we are still looking for new players in just about every area so that we can divide the tasks amongst a larger group to share the workload. The film will be in Finnish and English.

Preliminary schedule:

Screenplay development – March-August 2021.

Filming – 2-4 weeks in August-September 2021 mainly in the Helsinki region.

Post-production – Autumn and winter.

Estimated completion of the film in spring 2022.

We are looking for the following:

– Dozens of actors for side roles: – men and women of all ages for “baddie” roles e.g. cops, agents, mafia players (it would be nice to have a few well-known people, such as musicians, appearing in a quick under-a-minute cameo roles)

– Actors who can speak English eg with a Russian, French, Asian accent (other accents may be suggested)

– witch doctor / shaman (“near” Levi)

– a doctor

– psychologists

– stunt actors and stunt coordinators

– pyrotechnicians

– other special effects people

– drivers (and cars)

– caterers

– photographers, sound crew (boom operators etc)

– first aiders

– make-up artists

– directors

– costumes

– lighting technicians

For post-production:

– editors

– special effects designers

– audio post-processors – etc.


– acquisition of sponsors

– marketing

– or you may have another skill you think we could use.

In addition, we also need all kinds of equipment:

– deactivated weapons or replicas

– cars (a couple of cars for the shots and for the transport of the shooting group, for the latter 1 + 8 seats would be necessary) with drivers

– cameras (60-120fps 4K, high speed camera might be needed for some individual scenes) and other shooting equipment (optics, tripods)

– portable monitor

– lights, especially battery-operated, so that no generator is required

– performance costumes

– sets

– shooting locations (old factory, tunnels, maybe some track for car scenes, farm, etc.)

Please send a free-form application telling us about yourself and the skills/resources you have to offer through one of the following methods:







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