Police Crimes

Police Crimes – documentary

Published: May 2022


Police Crimes is a documentary film. A story told by Joakim Lindholm. Ex-Police Officer in Helsinki. Police can commit crimes without fear of being judged. Because they are being investigated by other police officers.

Documentary contains cases Joakim saw at his work and Joakim wants to tell those to the world. In the documentary some cases have actors to visualize the story.


Currently we are looking for distributors globally.

Our target is Theatrical, Free to Air Terrestial / broadcast TV, Pay TV but we are open for discussions about S-VOD, A-VOD, T-VOD, EST and Transport licenses. We can sell regional exclusive licenses, but you have to contact us fast.


Joakim Lindholm as himself

Jussi Järvinen as Joakim Lindholm

Cops: Benny Wiik, Lari Joutsenlahti, Pasi Tommiska and many more.

Victim: Enni Pastila

(more information coming soon)



Award Winner:

Lily Indie Film Fest (Odesa, Ukraine)

Casablanca Film Factory Awards (Kerala, India)


4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia)

Swedish International Film Festival (Arvika, Sweden)


Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival


Paradise Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

EdiPlay International Film Festival (Evry, France)

Bright International Film Festival (London, England)

Red Moon Film Festival