Are you interested to study film making, but courses are too expensive?

Do you need more experience or grow your Imdb profile?

Do you want to expand your knowledge in other roles behind the camera?

Are you interested in free film making workshops and creating indie films?

Are you interested in networking with other film makers?

Capacity film

Our idea:

  • is to show basics of low budget film making process to people who are interested to learn how things works
  • is to let people try different role behind the camera, ie. person X is a director and person Y is editor in one film and on the next film, they switch roles (of course roles are more complicated than this, but you got an idea). Or of course it could be possible to continue with same role once you found the role you want to learn better.
  • is to create short horror, thriller, action, sci-fi, etc. films regularly and keep cycle rolling (same time one film in pre-production, another in production and third in post-production phase).
  • is that everybody learns something new. Even some of us are professionals, we truly believe that everybody can learn something new from other people, sometimes beginners has fresh great ideas what fossils didn’t think about.

What do you need?

  • Motivation, motivation, and motivation.
  • Send us email or message through our social media channels. Tell us something about your experience, roles of interest, expectations and wishes?
Robin Kirwan @ Prexmas short film

Frequently Answered Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We don’t ask for any money from you, nor do we pay anything for you (read expectations below). However, there’s always some costs on making films. Fake blood is not free, but also not expensive. Role clothes may cost also. Data storage may cost. Anyway, it is possible to do films with zero budget. Many films can be done with very low budget too. Team for each film will decide the budget and conquer possible funding sources. Of course we make only films that we can get a budget. Also, if the story of the film is based in Italy, traveling there may cost. We are located in Helsinki, so if you are outside, you may need to purchase travel tickets, hotel, etc. Also, if you want to be an editor, color grader, etc. you may need to buy some software to learn at your home.

Q: Is it possible to get paid?

A: Maybe. If we do so great film, that we can distribute to paying customers, then yes. However, getting income is difficult at the beginning, so prepare your mind to learning instead of getting rich.

Q: I am a writer from another country, can I join?

A: Yes, some tasks such as script writing is possible remotely.

Q: Will the film be on International Movie DataBase?

A: Of course. That is one of the main reasons for these workshops.

Q: Will the film be shown on streaming channels and/or YouTube?

A: Yes. We already have several channels to distribute films and we are actively search for new channels. However, team of each film may set a target for a distribution.

Q: Are you a film school?

A: No, we are not a official film school. Nor this is a job. Think it as a film making camp. Though we don’t have a camp area 🙂

Q: How many films are we going to make? How many films I must be in?

A: We are continuosly making films, so the number is growing all the time. Each film has more or less different teams. Everything is volunteer, so if you don’t feel to take a part into a second film, fine. You are always free to leave. Everything is up to you.

Q: When do you start first production?

A: Actually as a Dark Planet Films, we have several films on production already and some roles are still open.

Q: I don’t know anything about cameras or sound, should I still attend?

A: Yes of course. There are plenty of tasks to do and not all needs technical experience. And also, why not learn?