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Currently we are looking for distributors globally.

Our target is Theatrical, Free to Air Terrestial / broadcast TV, Pay TV but we are open for discussions about S-VOD, A-VOD, T-VOD, EST and Transport licenses. We can sell regional exclusive licenses, but you have to contact us fast.

Read more about film itself: https://www.darkplanetfilms.eu/films-police-crimes/

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Police Crimes

Police Crimes documentary coming soon!

Ex-police officer, Joakim Lindholm, exposes crimes committed by members of the Finnish Police Force. No policeman or policewoman has ever revealed these stories to the public before, due to fear of having their employment terminated or other problems. However, Joakim puts himself into the game and he has nothing to loose!

200.000 individual visitors have visited his blog pages “Poliisien Rikokset” (“Crimes by Police”) over 1.000.000 times. Huge numbers for a blog written in Finnish, considering the number of Finnish speaking people worldwide is only approximately 5.000.000. You can find his blog here: https://poliisirikokset.wordpress.com/ (in Finnish only)

Dark Planet Films has mustered up the courage to put Joakim’s story on film and Director Janne, being a brutal storyteller who never whitewashes horrible, ugly, heavy stories, now brings the brutality of this story right in your face!

Joakim’s interview will be spoken in Finnish (with English subtitles), but all roles will be played in English.

The story is a true story and all scenes will involve cases now under investigation -naturally by police themselves – with evidence. There will be no rumors told. The documentary will include extremely harsh footage, and therefore not advisable to be viewed by sensitive people.